sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2009

2009 last breath

Here we are , in the last days of 2009 ... I was playing, working, running, traveling, speaking , watching movies, playing gotcha, writing articles, etc...

All these activities was the best of my year, i was happy, unhappy, laugh, walk with fear and of course in the middle of resident evil game ( do u remember ah1n1??) , yeah that was cool because i was in other town, i was traveling in plane with my mask just like the movies , that was an amazing experience..

I was on vacation a great time, with a nice weather hot and rainy :)

In work i had two increases in my salary , and that was cool, i think the next year it's going to be cool, and probably better than this one...

See u and thanks for read this shit

miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009


My first impression was stinky je jeje je because the way it's too close of a river, and you can smell something between trash and something else :| ... You can't know where is the end of a town and the begin of the other one... All the places are too intoxicated with smoke and a lot of traffic there's a lot of cars and people ...

You can't walk quietly because all it's quick and smooth , there's 2 or 3 mall's .. mm this is a place ps a little bit ugly je je je je

The hotel is nice , it's in the middle of a golf camp and you can see a lot of trees and too many grass , mm you can walk without fear because it's a nice place with big houses and with controlled access , this is a really nice hotel, but the others are too ugly you can say it's only fast-service for fuckers ja ja jajaja ja it's the best word that i can think..

Today is my last full day.. tomorrow i'll go to my town...

jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2009

Next stop... Ixtacalco , estado de mexico

ohhhhh god, i have to go to ixtacalco , it's a little place in mexico , there's a lot of stories of that place, i don't know my future but i have to take care of myself because usually some kind of power makes that i atract all the evil in too many kinds :|

ahhh yess and of course it's a cold place and i'm going to be freeze ... i'm going to be like a polar bear in an ugly place :| ja ja ja ja ja ja warrrrraaarrr <--- that was a polar scream :|